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It is ready for the twin-engine training aircraft model Dynam Cessna 310. The model is equipped with the latest control equipment with an operating frequency of 2.4Ghz and everything necessary for the final assembly! The kit also: battery charger that runs on 220v. and Li-Pol battery for aircraft to 11.1v. 2200mAh., To run the model are only required 8 AA batteries!

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Regular Price: AED 1,050.00

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Features Dynam Cessna 310 aircraft:

  • Fully proportional radio control aileron, elevator, rudder and engine speed;
  • The fuselage, wing and stabilizer are made of lightweight and durable polystyrene;
  • Managed nose landing gear for the precise control of the aircraft on the ground;
  • The fuselage is already installed and configured the two micro servos;
  • In the wing of the aircraft is already installed and configured the two micro servos for the aileron control (the ability to set the flaps, using two more servos and other control equipment);
  • Includes new control equipment Dynam 4CH 2.4Ghz, which uses the 2.4GHz frequency and the encrypted protocol DSSS (direct sequence spread spectrum), which allow easy exit to the airfield without being afraid that you are someone hurt. This equipment uses a technology called self-scan the channels when the instrument is anybody free channel signal, it takes it and automatically attached to the model, which simplifies flights at times!
  • The transmitter is equipped with a regulator of the maximum angle of deflection of control surfaces aileron and elevator;
  • Also, the transmitter is equipped with a toggle switch protection, which protects the model from accidentally pressing the throttle on the ground or in the service model;
  • Two powerful brushless motor make the model compliant and resistant to wind;
  • Seven channel micro receiver 2.4Ghz. and two engine speed control to 30A, are included and are already installed;
  • Lightweight Li-Po 2200 mAh battery 11,1B calculated approximately 10-15 minutes of flight;
  • The charger charges the battery about 120 minutes.


  • Wingspan: 1280 mm;
  • Length: 1100 mm;
  • Motor: two brushless electric motor, max. 200 watt power each
  • Wing loading: 58dm2.
  • Approximate time for assembly: 2 hours.
  • Flight Weight: 1200


  • Model aircraft Dynam Cessna 310 with installed servos (9g., 1.3kg / cm., 0.12s / 60grd.) And brushless motors
  • Transmitter Dynam 4CH 2.4Ghz.,
  • Li-Po battery for airplane 11.1 2200 mAh.,
  • Automatic battery charger and power adapter for 220v.,
  • The two three-bladed propellers 9x6.
  • Special glue needed fasteners, labels, and detailed assembly instructions in English.


batteries or eight AA batteries for the transmitter.

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Additional Info

Country of Manufacture China


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